Visiting Yachtsman Rates and Privileges   

marina-aerial-phtoTransient slip rate = $2.00 per foot per night (reciprocal visitor rate); $1.00 per foot per night (MYC members).  You must be a member of a Yacht Club listed in the "Register of Yachting Clubs of America" to reserve transient dockage.
To Reserve dockage please contact the MYC Dockmaster Dan Couillard at 414.403.6921 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We require a credit card in advance to reserve dockage and a 24 hour cancelation notice prior to the arrival date.  
Dock Master: Dan Couillard  414-403-6921
Dock Master Assistant:   Travis Oleszak  414-403-7912

All visitors who qualify for reciprocal visits should have a letter of introduction sent to MYC in advance of their visit.   We ask for a reservation in advance for all dining requests.   Call 414.271.4455  

1  A Visiting Yachtsman is any individual who is a verified member of a yacht club that enjoys reciprocity with the Club.
2.  Visiting Yachtsman must have a guest card prepared for them, including their credit card information guaranteeing payment of  charges incurred. Visiting Yachtsmen must obtain a guest card upon arrival. Guest cards are available at the front desk or dock office.
3.  Guest cards for Visiting Yachtsmen may be valid for a period not to exceed 1 year.
4.  Guest privileges and use of Club facilities are limited to the Visiting Yachtsman and immediate family and crew thereof, unless other arrangements are made with management.
5.  Visiting Yachtsmen will be granted dockage, when available, at non-member rates.
6.  Visiting Yachtsman may enjoy Clubhouse privileges, after registering at the front desk or dock office, for the period their yachts are docked at Club docks.
7.  Visiting Yachtsman shall be responsible for the observance of proper decorum of themselves and their guests and crew.
8.  Visiting Yachtsman that use Club docks use them at their own risk.
9.  Club docks may be used only for the private pleasure of Visiting Yachtsmen, as defined herein.
10.  By exercising the privilege of docking at Club facilities, Visiting Yachtsman thereby releases and discharges the Club from any and all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to the yacht and injury to the owner and the guests, visitors, and crew of the owner, that was not a result of any willful act by the Club or its agents.
11.  Visiting Yachtsman using Club docks take sole responsibility for properly securing their yacht for all weather conditions that may occur while docked.
12.  All yachts, members and nonmembers, must register with the Dock Master upon arrival at and prior to departing the docks.
13.  All reciprocal guests are welcome to dine with us. Reciprocal guests docking or not docking with us are welcome to use the Club's dining facilites up to five times per year.  Pool useage is allowed for only those docking with MYC.

Access to MYC
The Milwaukee Yacht club is located in the center of the McKinley Marina. Enter the main harbour entrance at the mouth of the Milwaukee river, turn north inside the breakwall and proceed one nautical mile to the north most harbour entrance. Directly ahead within the breakwall is the McKinley Marina. Once there follow the inner channel (marked by temporary bouys) to your right or left, both will lead you to the Milwaukee Yacht Club located between D dock and E dock.
We have a single pier with 64 slips. Our dock it is the only fixed pier in the marina (not a floating pier), so it is a bit taller (approx. 5' above water level, as apposed to the floating piers around us that are only a foot or so above the water.
We monitor marine radio channel 71 as our working channel, but you can also raise us on 16 or 9.


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