Board of Directors

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2019 Flag Officers

thumb joe millerJoseph Miller

brian cotaBrian Cota
Vice Commodore

robert prahRobert Prah
Rear Commodore

miriam van de sype Miriam Van de Sype

paul mcguanPaul McGuan

2019 Directors

angie doggettAngie Doggett
Membership Engagement Committee Chair

tim dittloffTim Dittloff
Race Committee Chair

adam berger1Adam Berger
Yard and Dock Committee Chair

lisa selenskyLisa Selensky
House Committee Chair

eric zall Eric Zall 
Community Outreach Committee Chair

stephen dolanSteve Dolan
Sailing School Chair

marc cayle Marc Cayle
Membership Committee Chair

brian hagan Brian Hagan
Past Commodore

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