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MYC Sailing School 2020

(For ages 8-18)

Beginner Level

Our Beginner Sailing Class is perfect for ages 8-17 years. No experience is necessary. Our goal is to teach students to learn to sail in a fun and safe environment. Students will learn sailing terminology, basic sailing skills and how to be safe on the water. We will emphasize sail trim for each of the points of sail, how to tack and jibe and how to leave and return to the dock. Throw in marks will be used to develop basic navigation skills.

On-the-water time is supplemented with classroom learning and team-building activities on land. For your child’s safety and comfort, they must know how to swim. Children are required to bring their own Personal Flotation Device (Type III PFD) which is always to be worn when on the water and on the MYC docks. It is recommended that students bring a change of clothing, a windbreaker or fleece, sunscreen, water bottle, hat and sunglasses.

Your child should also bring a bag lunch from home or you may purchase lunch at our Boathouse Grill which includes burgers, sandwiches, soft drinks and snacks. Inquire at the Clubhouse front desk if you would like to set up a temporary membership for this purpose.

Sailing platform may include IDEAL 18, BIC and C420

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Sailing Class is designed to build on the skills developed in the Beginning Sailing Classes. Emphasis will be placed on the essentials of boat handling. Students will acquire the skills to become both a competent helmsperson and sailing crew (c420 doublehanded sailing platform) and to become completely independent when sailing our singlehanded platform (BIC and Laser Radial). Longer time on the water, greater independence and the ability to sail from point to point will be emphasized.

The fundamentals of racing will be introduced in this session. You need not have attended the Beginner Sailing Class to be eligible for Intermediate Sailing Class. Our instructors will evaluate each student’s sailing skill set and determine the appropriate class for the greatest enjoyment and learning. Students should dress for the weather, as we will sail in all safe weather conditions and wind speeds appropriate for each student’s skill set.

Suggested gear includes a pair of sailing gloves, dinghy boots, thermal clothing (such as Under Armor or fleece), and a waterproof outer layer. Type III PFD is always again mandatory while out on the water or MYC docks. Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a change of clothing are recommended. Like the Beginner Classes, bringing a bag lunch or setting up a temporary account for your child to purchase food at the MYC Boathouse Grill will be required as we will stop for lunch on each day. Opportunities to pair students with MYC members for extended day sailing on larger vessels with their MYC Coach will be explored.

Sailing platform may include Laser, BIC and C420

Advanced Level

Emphasis will be on racing. Students will be expected to have a general fund of knowledge of rigging, boat handling and racing. They should own their own personal gear (Type III PFD, spray top, dinghy boots, sailing gloves, water bottle, hat and sunglasses) and bring or purchase their own lunch for each day’s session. Review of the Racing Rules of Sailing, understanding wind shifts, starting techniques, general tactics and strategy will be covered. Sail trim for boats speed on all points of sail will be emphasized.

Weekly in-house racing with neighboring teams from MCSC and SSYC as well as drill sessions will comprise the bulk of the on the water curriculum. Participation in MYC’s Tuesday night Dinghy racing will be encouraged. There will be opportunities for selected students to develop their racing skills further outside of the class sessions. This may include pairing students with MYC members who c a.m.paign their larger keel boats in the Wednesday Night/Saturday afternoon Milwaukee Bay Offshore Series or attending nearby dinghy Regattas. An MYC Racing Coach will be available to accompany students for these offsite Regattas for an additional fee.

Sailing platform may include Laser, BIC and C420


CLASS 2020 Schedule for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

     •   Schedule Is the same for all three levels 

     •   All classes are Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4pm

     •   Extended-care option available for parents at no additional cost 8am - 8:30am and 4pm - 4:30pm

Week 1: June 15-19

Week 2: June 22 - 26

Week 3: July 6 - 9

Week 4: July 20 - 24

Week 5:  July 27 - 31

Week 6: August 3 - 7

Week 7: August 10 - 14

2020 COURSE FEE (each one week session):   

$185 MYC Member 

$225 Non Member


Important Dates

New Parent Orientation: Thursday, June 11, 6pm in the Boathouse

Annual MYC Sailing School Awards Banquet: Thursday, August 13, 6pm

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